Unending Dusk - Original Soundtrack

Unending Dusk - Original Soundtrack

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This is the official soundtrack to Unending Dusk by Matthew Pablo. Includes 18 tracks of retro Synthwave music. This comes free with the purchase of the game.

Full track listing:
1. Apex Mega City (Full Mix)
2. Apex Mega City (Retro Mix)
3. Binary Terror (Full Mix)
4. Data Driver (Full Mix)
5. Data Driver [Game Edition] (Full Mix)
6. Demon Runner (Full Mix)
7. Demon Runner (Retro Mix)
8. Electro Achievement
9. Human Cyber Synthesis (Full Mix)
10. Laser Dust (Full Mix)
11. Laser Dust (Retro Mix)
12. Memory Leak (Full Mix)
13. Neon Cruise (Full Mix)
14. Neon Sunset
15. Rogue Future (Full Mix)
16. Terminal Error (Full Mix Extended)
17. Thrust Sequence (Unending Dusk Version)
18. Unending Dusk Boss Theme

Encoded in 320kbps MP3


    • OS: Any
    • Processor: Any
    • Graphics: Any
    • Storage: 125 MB available space
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