Grimshade — Soundtrack

Grimshade — Soundtrack

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This package includes the Grimshade original soundtrack.

Grimshade’s atmospheric music score was written by the talented musician and composer Ivan Chimaer Galchenko. He roamed the shadows of Ree'Fah together with the darkest creatures that lurk there in search of inspiration for the game's soundtrack.

Ivan, one of our first active social media subscribers, answered our call when we began searching for a composer. He brought in a rough mix of a tune he had composed to his first interview at the studio, taking inspiration from screenshots, art, and game descriptions as well as narrative texts from our community page. The original tune was refined and has become the main theme of the Grimshade score.

Track List

01 Main menu theme
02 This is how it started
03 Deep in the Brann forest
04 Sewers
05 War theme
06 Charlie’s tavern
07 Kiba’s Nightmare
08 High Brann
09 Brann combat theme
10 Victory
11 Dragon dTick
12 Lower Brann
13 Shadows in Brann
14 Shalla
15 Alchemists combat theme
16 Try again
17 Escape from Brann
18 Wailing Horror
19 Take that, stump
20 Southern Swamps
21 Lillypond theme
22 Prepare to fight
23 Swamp combat theme
24 Far Marshes
25 Arthu combat theme
26 This is not the end


Ivan Chimaer Galchenko

Maria Capparo, Olga LaaliCapparo Koshevaya, Irina Tolmacheva


    • Storage: 130 MB available space
    • Storage: 130 MB available space
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